Launch of Our New Website

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Launch of Our New Website


With 2016 well behind us, and 2017 rapidly progressing, the team at NEES Consulting is excited to present the launch of our website, designed by Trusted Marketing Services! With the connections of the digital age, it seemed appropriate to have a platform to communicate with our webpage viewers, thus our own NEES Consulting Blog. Our first blog will be an introduction to NEES Consulting and who we are.

NEES Consulting has been operating in the electrical industry for several years, but it was in January 2016 when the team was expanded. The team was brought together by the owners of NEES Consulting, Brad and Wendy Nielsen. There are two office locations, Saskatoon and Regina, where we work to provide our province with design solutions for its electrical services.

NEES originated from Nielsen Electrical Engineering Services, but was condensed to NEES Consulting, and is comprised of electrical engineers and technologists dedicated to providing efficient, safe, and effective solutions for electrical design projects. NEES is a small business with the stereotypical work family engineering environment where we are all coworkers and friends that get to joke and laugh at each other for their nerdy tendencies knowing full well that we are all guilty of our own nerdy tendencies. We also have the family bonds of support and encouragement towards each other for our strengths and our weaknesses. This work dynamic creates a strong foundation of trust, collaboration, and teamwork. We share our lessons learned, we ask each other for help, we improve the efficiency of our systems, and we support each other.

NEES Consulting is a Corporation where Loyalty, Accuracy and Diligence are fostered and rewarded.

Our Success

NEES had a busy first year with design projects, training, developing our systems, and learning both technically and personally. In December 2016 we celebrated our first year as team NEES with a Christmas party at Solar Gardens where we visited, ate delicious food, and each got to plant our own succulent Christmas bowls. It was a great time to discuss and reflect on why we have such a successful team here at NEES Consulting.

The success of NEES Consulting is the fruition of our leader, Brad Nielsen. Brad fosters a work environment that is conducive to personal development and team building. He promotes us to take formal training in the areas that spark our interest, he facilitates training in the workplace, and he always has time to answer questions from his team. He is a leader that works with us to develop our problem solving skills so that we can independently become more confident and efficient at working through issues that arise during our designs and daily tasks. These skills enable us to be active and productive team members that can tackle whatever problems may arise.


Nees Consulting Team


Brad Nielsen

This past year we had team members who were involved with training for project management, CDEGS grounding modelling, ETAP power system modelling, and solar system design and installation, as well as in house training for relay programming. In 2017 we will continue to be active with training our team members and staying on top of industry trends.

NEES Consulting is successful because we understand the importance of teamwork and the best solutions come from working together. NEES Consulting has the education, experience, energy and leadership to design and manage electrical projects to the utmost customer satisfaction.

We are all ready for what 2017 has on the horizon for NEES Consulting. We look forward to continuing to work with our existing clients, as well as meeting new clients and developing new partnerships. Saskatchewan is an exciting province to be working in and we are happy to be involved with its growth and development in the electrical industry.

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