Brownfield Station Expansion

October 2012 – October 2016

The scope of this project involved the design and project management of the Island Falls Switching Station portion of the Far North Reinforcement Project.  

The design requirements of this project were to complete the:

  • Re-termination of the existing transmission line to Pelican Narrows in a new line position
  • Installation of one new 138-110 kV transformer and associated protections
  • Development of the 230 kV bus and a 230 kV line position for the new transmission line and associated protections
  • Replacement of one 138 kV breaker
  • Replacement of the existing distance line protection applied on the I2P line


The Detailed Design activities specific to this project included:

  • Preparation of construction drawings for single line, general arrangement, fencing, ducts, cable trench, grounding, and other physical detail drawings relating to outdoor work and panel details
  • Preparation of construction drawings in Elecdes for schematics and wiring diagrams for Switching Station control and protection, AC/DC systems, and interface with SCADA and telecommunication systems
  • Preparation of technical sections and evaluation for any tenders as required (examples include grounding, electrical site works, panel fabrication, switchgear upgrades, site wiring and commissioning).  The documentation required for the tenders included, but was not limited to: technical specifications, bill of materials, evaluation criteria, and any other special requirements
  • Technical evaluation of tenders and preparation of evaluation report and recommendation for award
  • Preparation of job-specs for internal construction crews as required
  • Preparation of statement of work and material requisitions
  • Coordination with various departments as required (examples include Protection, SCADA, Civil, Communications, Lines, PMO, Land, Legal, Environment) for completion of all engineering deliverables
  • Prompt technical support during construction and commissioning
  • Consolidation of all As Builts from site
  • As Built drawings based on markups by others, and ensuring receipt of all As Built markups from construction service