Gas-Insulated Switchgear Lineup

May 2016 – March 2017

The scope of this project included the electrical design to add in a new Gas-Insulated Switchgear lineup to the McClean Lake mine operated by AREVA Resources as well as providing internal Project Management for the electrical design.

Duties Included:

Complete the Basic Design package required for issuing a Request for Proposal for the switchgear

  • Update existing site simplified and protection single line diagrams
  • Create new single line for new switchgear
  • Update equipment room layout
  • Complete Load Flow Analysis and Short Circuit Analysis to determine the required equipment ratings for the new switchgear
  • Create the technical specifications for the Request for Proposal of the switchgear
  • Create the technical specifications for a new station DC System (Battery Bank and Charger)
  • Assist with the technical evaluations of the switchgear and the battery bank proposals

Complete the Detailed Design package required for the construction package

  • Review vendor drawings, documentation and bill of materials to ensure compliance to the technical specifications
  • Assist with technical clarifications and discussions with selected supplier
  • Update single line diagrams with new switchgear information
  • Update general arrangements with new switchgear information
  • Design plenum exhaust routing utilizing vendor specifications
  • Complete design for new cable trays and cable tray modifications
  • Complete Cable Schedule and cable routing
  • Update the equipment room layout with new switchgear information
  • Create switchgear grounding drawings
  • Complete drawings for approved for construction electrical installation package
  • Update the Load Flow Analysis and the Short Circuit Analysis with the new information from the switchgear manufacturer
  • Complete the Arc Flash Analysis and the Protection and Coordination Analysis
  • Determine appropriate protective relay settings
  • Review Factory Acceptance Test procedures for the new switchgear