Design for Various PODS

January 2016 – September 2017

A new solution in power distribution is the development of Portable Outdoor Distribution Substations, or PODS. These allow for the quick and easy installation of a new substation without the capital of specific engineering as well as a smaller footprint. NEES Consulting has assisted customers with determining the interconnection details and general arrangement required for the installation of PODS.

This particular project included the design for PODS to be used at Wadena, Watrous, and Outlook.

Design Included:

  • Provide project management of the electrical design of the project
  • Assist with determining an appropriate location for the new sites
  • Develop the general arrangement and single lines
  • Request Soil Resistivity Testing in order to complete a grounding assessment and study
  • Develop the required Grounding Plan
  • Develop bus plans and profiles
  • Determine the interconnection of the transmission line to the PODS as well as the PODS to the distribution feeders
  • Arrange for the salvage of the existing substations for two of the sites