Electrical Design

NEES Consulting completes comprehensive electrical engineering packages for medium and high voltage projects including protection and metering design.

As an experienced and trusted Saskatchewan based electrical engineering company, NEES Consulting is committed to providing solutions that create value for our clients. Our specialty is Power Distribution. We are proficient in delivering conceptual and detailed design for Substations and Switching Stations up to 230 kV.

Our Senior Engineering leadership team has over 100 years of experience delivering medium and high voltage power distribution projects in Saskatchewan. The team additionally includes a skilled and dedicated group of 12 Engineers and Technologists with commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients. NEES is proud of the diversity of its staff which includes 5 female engineering and several first-generation Canadians.

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Comprehensive Electrical Design Packages

NEES Consulting routinely completes comprehensive Electrical Design for medium and high voltage projects. We have worked in both Industrial and Commercial settings and will provide your company with a high quality product at a great value. We utilize the expertise of our senior professionals to provide support and to complete a design review on all Electrical Design packages to ensure the package is complete and correct. We employ seven Professional Engineers and are able to provide a complete, sealed Electrical Design package for your company.

Typical Electrical Design packages include the development of a simplified site Single Line as well as detailed protection and metering Single Lines. The general layout of the structures and apparatus is determined, ensuring that all required clearances (line-to-ground and line-to-line) at the appropriate voltage level have been considered and met. Any required bus configurations will be implemented into the site design. We are skilled in the completion of shielding studies and plans to ensure that your equipment will be sufficiently protected from any lightning strikes. NEES Consulting can complete a thorough analysis of the grounding requirements at your site and develop a grounding plan based upon the specific soil resistivity in the area. We will analyze the cabling required for the equipment and determine any required duct and underground services plan, as well as completion of detail drawings.

Once basic design has been completed, detailed design activities including electrical schematics and wiring diagrams, panel layouts and panel cutouts can be completed. We can complete the electrical equipment layout for your control room. We will complete an analysis of AC loading and DC requirements as well as battery bank sizing and create any required material lists and summary of work details.

After the design has been completed we are able to complete technical specifications for any tender documents required for Construction or Procurement as well as assisting with the bid evaluation of any tenders that have been received. We have carried numerous projects through the construction phase, providing any construction support required. After receipt of the field marked As Built drawings we are able to reconcile and update any drawings as drawings of record.

We are familiar with and adhere to the requirements and standards set out by the CSA Canadian Electrical Code, relevant IEEE Standards, and relevant IEC standards.

NEES is also able to provide Computer-Aided Design services if your project requires. We have technologists that are well skilled in the use of software such as AutoCAD and MicroStation PowerDraft. We can provide 2D and 3D modelling of your substations or control rooms. We have also worked with 3D scans to develop 3D drawings for our clients.