Engineering Studies

We are able to complete a host of Electrical Engineering Studies for our clients. We have experience and training using various software tools.

As an experienced and trusted Saskatchewan based electrical engineering company, NEES Consulting is committed to providing solutions that create value for our clients. Our specialty is Power Distribution. We are proficient in delivering conceptual and detailed design for Substations and Switching Stations up to 230 kV.

Our Senior Engineering leadership team has over 100 years of experience delivering medium and high voltage power distribution projects in Saskatchewan. The team additionally includes a skilled and dedicated group of 12 Engineers and Technologists with commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients. NEES is proud of the diversity of its staff which includes 5 female engineering and several first-generation Canadians.

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Engineering Studies

We can complete your Electrical Engineering Studies and Grounding Studies

At NEES Consulting, we understand that the safety of our client's worksites is paramount. We are skilled in the completion of many different studies. We can complete load flow analysis and short circuit analysis to help you determine the technical specifications of any new equipment. We are able to conduct Arc Flash Analysis to help mitigate the effect of an Arc Flash event on your equipment as well as ensure your personnel remain safe. Coordination Analysis can be completed to optimize the response of your protective devices after an event while minimizing the effect on the entire system.

We are able to complete Motor Starting studies to minimize the impact of motor starting to your system.

Our Engineers are experienced in completing Shielding Studies utilizing the Empirical Method as outlined in IEEE Std 998 – IEEE Guide for Direct Lightning Stroke Shielding of Substations.

Our designers are experienced in the use of ETAP, EasyPower and CYMDIST for completing engineering studies.

We can complete AC Loading Analysis to determine your required AC Panel sizing. We can also complete DC Loading Analysis and determine the requirements of any Battery Bank.

The Canadian Electrical Code requires the grounding and bonding of electrical equipment to safeguard human life and to prevent damage to equipment. NEES Consulting can complete a grounding analysis and design for our clients. We will direct a team to conduct Soil Resistivity Testing and then we will input the results from that information to a model of the client’s station. A grounding design, including the grid, the grounding/bonding of structures, and any special aggregate requirements (i.e. crushed rock) will be created to keep touch potential, step potential and ground potential rise within acceptable safety limits. This information will be provided as a report for our clients to review. Our designers have experience using CYMGRD and CDEGS as grounding software.